Plants Galore

Hello world! My name is Dare and I absolutely love plants! This obsession happened about 9 months ago and has yet to subside. Although there have always been a few plants in my house (mainly the usual and boring pothos), lately my heart has been attracted to more rare and oddly shaped plants. Until a few days ago there haven’t been any problems to speak of. But recently I noticed mealy bugs on one of my succulents and ended up having to get rid of it. While there is a lot of knowledge out there on the internet, I find myself looking at dozens and dozens of websites to find all the information I need on one specific thing. So I have decided to start a blog on my journey as a plant extraordinaire. The ups and downs, the growth and the dying, the benefits and the joys. Everything you could possibly think of I will include on my plant journey. What works for me and what doesn’t, along with the basic plant information you would need to get started with a haven of your own. And if no one ever reads this, well then at least there will be something for me to look back on and remember.